Health organizations can use our library of evidence-based programs to support the people they serve

Our featured programs provide timely and relevant health support, leading to improved outcomes and lower costs

Maternal Health: Critical health tips and resources for pregnant and new moms.
Diabetes: Comprehensive education and support program to improve self-care behaviors.
Smoking Cessation: Interactive smoking cessation program clinically proven to double quit rates.
Adult Health: Adults receive personalized tips and reminders based on their age and health risk factors.
Child Health: Parents of children ages 1 to 18 receive health information based on their child’s age.

My doctor recommended Care4life when I was having trouble getting my blood sugar down. At first I was overwhelmed by all the things I need to do to take care of my diabetes, but the daily messages really gave me the support I needed to take it step by step. Now I try to move every day. I’ve even lost a few pounds, and my blood sugar is lower.

Anita, retired

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