At Wellpass, we have some questions about healthcare. Big questions.¬† Why is communicating with my doctor and my health plan so difficult? Why is my critical health information still printed on paper, while I do my banking online? How can we put people in charge of their health when they can’t effectively connect with the healthcare world?

We don’t just have big questions, though. We’ve got the answers. We’ve been believers in the power of mobile and digital technologies to transform healthcare since 2001, and we’ve proven that it works. Wellpass has helped over 3 million people improve their health.

Our clients include more than 70 Medicaid health plans, 30 health systems and provider organizations, and 10 state government agencies.¬†Wellpass is connecting payers, providers and people in a way that’s transforming healthcare communications.

We have the following positions open and we are hiring!

Health Services Content Manager
Health Services Content Manager_JD_April2018

Client Services Manager
Client Services Manager March 2018

Health Services Evaluation Manager
Health Services Eval Manager JD

Operations Associate
Operations Associate March 2018